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Conformal field theories at nonzero temperature: Operator product expansions, Monte Carlo, and holography
E. Katz, S. Sachdev, E. S. Sørensen, W. Witczak-Krempa, Physical Review B 90, 245109 (2014), (*Editor's Suggestion), 19 pages.
Interacting Weyl semimetals: characterization via the topological Hamiltonian and its breakdown
W. Witczak-Krempa, M. Knap, D. Abanin, Physical Review Letters 113, 136402 (2014), 5+7 pages.
Quantum critical charge response from higher derivatives in holography
W. Witczak-Krempa, Physical Review B (Rapid Comm.) 89, 161114 (2014), 5+15 pages.
The dynamics of quantum criticality revealed by quantum Monte Carlo and holography
W. Witczak-Krempa, E. S. Sørensen, S. Sachdev, Nature Physics 10, 361 (2014), 6+12 pages.
Correlated quantum phenomena in the strong spin-orbit regime
W. Witczak-Krempa, G. Chen, Y. B. Kim, L. Balents, Annual Reviews of Condensed Matter Physics, Vol. 5, 57-82 (2014), 28 pages.
Dispersing quasinormal modes in (2+1)-dimensional conformal field theories
W. Witczak-Krempa, S. Sachdev, Physical Review B 87, 155149 (2013). (*Editor's Suggestion), 18 pages.
Pyrochlore electrons under pressure, heat, and field: shedding light on the iridates
W. Witczak-Krempa, A. Go, Y. B. Kim, Physical Review B 87, 155101 (2013), 7 pages.
Quasinormal modes of quantum criticality
W. Witczak-Krempa, S. Sachdev, Physical Review B 86, 235115 (2012), 21 pages.
Universal transport near a quantum critical Mott transition in two dimensions
W. Witczak-Krempa, P. Ghaemi, T. Senthil, Y. B. Kim, Physical Review B 86, 245102 (2012), 20 pages.
Correlation Effects on 3D Topological Phases: From Bulk to Boundary
A. Go, W. Witczak-Krempa, G. S. Jeon, K. Park, Y. B. Kim, Physical Review Letters 109, 066401 (2012), 5+3 pages.
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