A new institute for materials research was born, l’Institut Courtois

A very generous donation from la Fondation Courtois allowed the creation of l’Institut Courtois.

This is a very exciting new chapter for material research in Québec and Canada! Our lab is lucky to be part of it. The research at the institute will combine physics, chemistry, computer science, and even robotics in order to pave new paths in the study of materials and the states of matter.

For more information:

Nouvelles Université de Montréal

Institut Courtois

Arrival of a new intern for the summer 2022

A new intern has joined the group for the summer of 2022! Gabrielle Blanchet is a bachelor’s student in physics at Université de Montréal. She will be working during her internship on a research project entitled “Automatic learning of quantum entanglement in topological materials.” For her internship, she received an Arthur Yelon—John Low Brebner scholarship from the RQMP, which is worth $2,500.

Welcome to the group, Gabrielle!

Louis Godbout's master's thesis is accepted

The thesis committee of Louis Godbout, a master’s student within the group, met this Monday, February 14th 2022 and accepted his master’s thesis.
The latter, entitled “Unconventional superconductivity and local impurities in Luttinger semi-metals”, was judged “exceptional” by the committee.

Congratulations Louis!

Gabriel Longpré's master's thesis is accepted

The thesis committee of Gabriel Longpré, a master’s student within the group, met this Friday, January 28th 2022 and accepted his master’s thesis.
The latter, entitled “Dynamics and ergodicity of Fredkin and Ising–Kawasaki critical quantum spin chains”, was judged “excellent” by the committee.

Congratulations Gabriel!

Christian Boudreault brilliantly defends his PhD thesis

Christian Boudreault – PhD student in the research group – defended, on Friday January 28th, his thesis entitled “Local Hamiltonians and quantum information in lower dimensions”. A success, the jury (including the external examiner Benjamin Doyon from King’s College London) awarded it the mention “Excellent”. Christian therefore obtains the title of Doctor in Physics.

Congratulations !

Conference from Gilles Parez

Gilles Parez, postdoctoral fellow in the research group, gave a conference on Tuesday, January 18th, as part of the CRM physics-mathematics seminars.
You can find the presentation, entitled “Symmetry-resolved entanglement measures in quantum many-body systems out of equilibrium” here.

A publication of the group is put forward in udemnouvelles

A short summary of the article “Cornering the universal shape of fluctuations, for which William is a co-author, was published in udemnouvelles. You can find the short article titled “Physics: A New Universal Law for Characterizing Fluctuations” here.

Dounia is the recipient of an excellence scholarship

Dounia Shaaban Kabakibo is granted a FÉSP excellence scholarship from the physics department of University of Montreal for her doctoral studies due to her exceptional academic record!

Congratulations Dounia!

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