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Gapless quantum spin chains: multiple dynamics and conformal wavefunctions
X. Chen, E. Fradkin, W. Witczak-Krempa, Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 50, 464002 (2017), 28 pages. For a special issue of Journal of Physics A celebrating John Cardy's 70th birthday.
Quantum critical response: from conformal perturbation theory to holography
A. Lucas, T. Sierens, W. Witczak-Krempa, Journal of High Energy Physics 2017, 149 (2017), 51 pages.
Two-cylinder entanglement entropy under a twist
X. Chen, W. Witczak-Krempa, T. Faulkner, E. Fradkin, Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment 2017, 043104 (2017), 41 pages.
Holographic torus entanglement and its renormalization group flow
P. Bueno, W. Witczak-Krempa, Physical Review D 95, 066007 (2017), 20 pages.
Cornering gapless quantum states via their torus entanglement
W. Witczak-Krempa, L. E. Hayward Sierens, R. G. Melko, Physical Review Letters 118, 077202 (2017), 6+6 pages.
Dynamical response near quantum critical points
A. Lucas, S. Gazit, D. Podolsky, W. Witczak-Krempa, Physical Review Letters 118, 056601 (2017), 6+12 pages.
Entanglement entropy of the large-N Wilson-Fisher conformal field theory
S. Whitsitt, W. Witczak-Krempa, S. Sachdev, Physical Review B 95, 045148 (2017), 9 pages.
Universal corner entanglement of Dirac fermions and gapless bosons from the continuum to the lattice
J. Helmes, L. E. Hayward Sierens, A. Chandran, W. Witczak-Krempa, R. G. Melko, Physical Review B 95, 045148 (2017), 9 pages.
A holographic model for quantum critical responses
R. C. Myers, T. Sierens, W. Witczak-Krempa, Journal of High Energy Physics 2016, 73 (2016), 37 pages.
Optical conductivity of topological surface states with emergent supersymmetry
W. Witczak-Krempa, J. Maciejko, Physical Review Letters 116, 100402 (2016), 5+12 pages; PRL Editor's Suggestion.
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