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Geometric entanglement in the integer quantum Hall state at ν=1 with boundaries
P-G. Rozon, P-A. Bolteau, W. Witczak-Krempa, Physical Review B 102, 155417 (2020), 10 pages.
Doctoral thesis of Gabrielle Beaudin
Les polarons magnétiques et la phase nématique dans l'Eu1-xCaxB6
Superconductivity from Coulomb repulsion in three-dimensional quadratic band touching Luttinger semimetals
S. Tchoumakov, L.J.Godbout, W. Witczak-Krempa, Physical Review Research 2, 013230 (2020), 15 pages.
Relating bulk to boundary entanglement
C. Berthiere, W. Witczak-Krempa, Physical Review B 100, 235112 (2019), 17 pages.
Transition from a Dirac spin liquid to an antiferromagnet: Monopoles in a QED3-Gross-Neveu theory
É. Dupuis, M.B. Paranjape, W. Witczak-Krempa, Physical Review B 100, 094443 (2019), 26 pages.
Generalizing the entanglement entropy of singular regions in conformal field theories
P. Bueno, H. Casini, W. Witczak-Krempa, Journal of High Energy Physics 2019, 69 (2019), 46 pages.
Dielectric and electronic properties of three-dimensional Luttinger semimetals with a quadratic band touching
S. Tchoumakov, W. Witczak-Krempa, Physical Review B 100, 075104 (2019), 13 pages.
Entanglement susceptibilities and universal geometric entanglement entropy
W. Witczak-Krempa, Physical Review B 99, 075138 (2019), 7 pages.
Entanglement signatures of emergent Dirac fermions: Kagome spin liquid and quantum criticality
W. Zhu, X. Chen, Y.-C. He, W. Witczak-Krempa, Science Advances 4, eaat5535 (2018), 4+6 pages.
Quantum spin chains with multiple dynamics
X. Chen, E. Fradkin, W. Witczak-Krempa, Physical Review B 96, 180402(R) (2017), 5+5 pages.
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